UP CLOSE. . . Through the Lens

Dear BAIN members hello! It is a pleasure to inform you all that another one of our new activities "UP CLOSE... Through The Lens" was a complete success!

We arrived at Palermo Soho, armed with our cameras, ready to walk around and take some fantastic shots..
The theme for the day was CONTRAST.. and what better area than Palermo Soho... an area of so many contrasts. Old buildings from the beginning of the XX century that have been restored or recycled, starting in the 1980's many famous brands opened great boutiques as did local designers.
With many coffee houses, restaurants and famous small and hidden passages, that add colorful character, Palermo Soho has a whole new life.

To finish our tour we stopped in a very cool restaurant where we had a delicious lunch... followed of course by a nice Coffee from "good old" Starbucks!!!

Thank you to all those that participated and we hope to see you in the next UP CLOSE... Through The Lens!

Enjoy the pics of a fun day!   View Photos!