Beauty Crash

Hello dear members!

I want to thank all of you for your participation in the different activities, they have all been incredibly successful and Beauty Crash wasn't the exception!

Last Friday we all met ready to put ourselves in the trusted hands of Vanesa & Rogelio, our professional guests , who treated us with amazing techniques and equipment.
Vanesashowed some intensive treatments that combine several treatments in a single session, such as, how to perform a micro-abrasion with diamond-tipped wands (MDT) and Radiofrequency (RF) or cosmetic lifting treatments.
The MDT is a treatment that helps us to correct wrinkles, dilated pores, the effects of acne, dark spots, etc. Since this is a mechanic peeling, it accelerates cellular renewal, and makes the skin more permeable to different active ingredients used as part of the treatment or contained in the creams we use every day, which causes said ingredients to be more effective. RF treatment helps us to revitalize collagen and elastin fibers that deteriorate with time and exposition to sunlight, which causes skin to lose its strength. This technique will help us improve the communication between our cells, will cause our skin to look more luminous, stronger and smoother, and will cause wrinkles to become fader, thus sculpting the faces...
Therapist Rogelio introduced us to the world of Shiatsu - Shiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork. The word Shiatsu means "finger pressure", and Shiatsu is sometimes described as a finger pressure massage.
Like acupuncture, shiatsu is based on the holistic system of traditional Chinese medicine , where illness is thought to result from imbalances in the natural flow of energy, or qi (pronounce "chee") through the body.
Shiatsu Therapists use finger and palm pressure to energize pathways, called meridians, to improve the flow of the qi.
A scientific explanation is that shiatsu calms an overactive sympathetic nervous system, which improves circulation, relieves stiff muscles, and alleviates stress.
After these relaxing sessions we all sat down to sip a nice cup of tea or coffee with some ricas tartas!
Check the pics and ...........until the next one!